Funding Agency  Grant  Recipient  Duration  Coverage
1 IISER Mohali
Start up and infrastructure Kavita Babu Continuous Work space and infrastructure, Injection microscope, DIC upright microscope, stereo and stereo-fluorescent microscopes, equipment for molecular biology and biochemical experiments
2 Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India
Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award Kavita Babu 2012-2015
Stereo-microscopes, small equipment, consumables and travel
3 The  Wellcome Trust / DBT India Alliance Wellcome Trust / DBT - Intermediate Fellow Kavita Babu 2012-2017
Tracking microscope, select equipment, consumables travel and personnel
4 DBT- Bio-CARe Scientist and Post-doctoral Fellow Pratima Sharma Pandey 2014-2017 Consumables, renumeration and travel
5 Department of Biotechnology  DBT Post Doctoral Fellowship Program  Yogesh Dahiya  2012-2014
Remuneration and funding for books and domestic conferences.
6 The  Wellcome Trust / DBT India Alliance Wellcome Trust / DBT - Early Career Fellow Yogesh Dahiya 2012-2018

Select equipment, consumables, remuneration and travel.
7  CSIR-JRF Junior Research
Shruti Thapliyal
(started in our lab in Mar 2013)
2011-2013 Remuneration, travel and fees 
8  CSIR-JRF Senior Research Fellow Shruti Thapliyal  2013-2016  Remuneration, travel and fees 
9 ICMR-JRF Junior Research Fellow Pallavi Sharma 2012-2014 Remuneration, travel and fees
10  ICMR-SRF Senior Research Fellow Pallavi Sharma 2014-2017 Remunaration, travel and fees
11 ICMR-JRF Junior Research Fellow Ashwani Bhardwaj 2012-2014 Remuneration, travel and fees
12  ICMR-SRF Senior Research Fellow Ashwani Bhardwaj  2014-2017 Remuneration, travel and fees
13 UGC-JRF Junior Research Fellow     Nagesh Kadam 2013-2015 Remuneration, travel and fees
14 UGC-SRF Senior Research Fellow Nagesh Kadam 2015-2018 Remuneration, travel and fees
15 CSIR-JRF Junior Research Fellow Vina Tikiyani 2014-2016 Remuneration, travel and fees
16 CSIR-JRFSenior Research FellowVina Tikiyani2016-2019Remuneration, travel and fees 
17UGC-JRFJunior Research Fellow Anuradha Singh2016-2018Remuneration, travel and fees
18 UGC-SRF Senior Research Fellow Anuradha Singh 2018-2021 Remuneration, travel and fees