Summer Associates / Internships
  • We do not accept non-IISER Mohali students for thesis projects or internships of any duration, please do not contact us regarding this. 
  • Summer associates from outside IISER Mohali are accepted through two streams: Science Academies' Summer Research Fellowship and IISER Mohali summer program.  Please apply to those two programs to be considered for a summer associate position as the lab does not recruit candidates directly. 

Thesis Projects
  • IISERM 3rd/4th year students interested in doing their final year thesis project at the lab are encouraged to interact with current members of the lab to identify areas of interest. Subsequently, the students should contact Kavita by email with a copy of their CV and make an appointment to meet with her. Students are expected to be self-motivated and ready to work in a challenging environment. Please note that we are full for this semester (Aug-Dec 2018) and will not be able of accommodate any more BS MS students till January.
  • Academic year Aug 2019–May 2020: Interested students should contact lab members and follow the above process before December 2018. 
  • Prerequisite/Co-requisite: The BIO454 (Neuroscience) course is a prerequisite for joining our lab to complete the final year thesis projects. BIO613 (Developmental Neurobiology) is strongly recommended as a course during your final year.

Integrated PhD/PhD Candidates
  • Integrated PhD and PhD candidates are selected through the IISER Mohali Int PhD/PhD candidate selection processThe lab does not recruit candidates directly, so please check the IISER Mohali website regularly for announcements.
  • If you are interested in joining our laboratory for a rotation or a summer project as an Integrated PhD student, please speak to the members in the lab and to Kavita by the end of your first semester. 
  • We are currently open to taking Int PhD students for rotation in the next two semesters, if you are interested I would urge you to get in touch with Kavita (
  • PhD students are expected to have their own fellowships (eg. CSIR-JRF, ICMR-JRF etc). 
  • Please note that a prerequisite for joining our lab as an integrated PhD or PhD student is a requirement to have done the BIO454 (Neuroscience) course. You are also strongly recommend to take the BIO613 (Developmental Neurobiology) course if it is being offered. You can audit this course if you have taken all your credits.
Post Doctoral Research Associates
  • Candidates who have completed their PhD or are in the process of completing it and are interested in studying C. elegans neurobiology are welcome to write to Kavita. 
  • A background in genetics, cell biology, and/or neuroscience is desirable. 
  • Please send in a write-up detailing why you are interested in joining our Lab as well as a proposal outlining what you want to study in our Lab. If you are interested in our Lab, please consider starting the process about one year before you plan to join.
  • Current status: Currently no funded Post Doctoral positions are open in our lab. Interested candidates can apply for a position only if they have their own funding.
The following list includes some grants that prospective post doctoral candidates could consider:

Grant  Awarding Organization Eligibility  Duration Timeframe
Early Career Fellowship for Researchers in India Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Final year of PhD to within four years of completion Four years Preliminary application due in July
DBT-Post Doctoral Research Associateship DBT, managed by SID, IISC PhD (or thesis submitted), under 40 years (general) Two years (extendable to five in some cases) Twice a year-Applications due 15th April and 15th October 
Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A) DST  Upto 50 years, PhD (f)  Three years Throughout the year
Bio-Care Programme for Women Scientists Bio-Care Upto 55 years, PhD (f) have had a break in their career

Three+Two years Once a year-Letter of Intent due between January and May
(Please keep checking the dbt website for updates)
UGC Postdoctoral Fellowship for women UGC Upto 55 years, PhD (f) Five years Twice a year- Applications due February and August
 DST-SERB Post doc FellowshipSERB 35 years (general) Two years
(extendable to three in some cases)
Throughout the year 
Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA) DBT  35 years (general) Three years
(extendable to five in some cases)
Application due in December
SERC Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists DST   35 years (general)  Three years Throughout the year 
DAE Research Award for Young Scientists (YSRA) DAE  35 years (general)   Three years  Throughout the year